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Our Services

Our Services

Jackson Healthcare Government Services’ comprehensive offerings include healthcare professional and support services that cover a wide range of specialties and staffing models, technologies and holistic program management for all tiers of federal, state and municipal government.

Covering short- and long-term travel and locum tenens staffing assignments, as well as permanent placement positions, we rapidly fill our government customers’ needs with credentialed professionals who can be deployed when and where they’re needed.

Providing healthcare staffing and support services to all tiers of U.S. government when and where it’s needed.
Bringing comprehensive healthcare workforce staffing, technology and program management services – both inside and OCONUS – to meet and exceed emergency, short-term, long-term and permanent placement needs.
Delivering specialization, scale and success – backed by decades of experience – to customers and partners in diverse clinical and non-clinical settings.
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How It Works

Through partnership, we become fully dedicated members of your team to ensure vital healthcare staffing objectives are met in medical operations, emergency and pandemic response, natural disasters and other time-sensitive scenarios that arise.

The breadth and depth of our clinical and non-clinical network is second to none. With access to thousands of healthcare professionals and staff who cover the full gamut of medical specialties, we rapidly place providers who are highly skilled and experts in their fields and who embody a deep commitment to the delivery of quality patient care and the best possible outcomes.

Our extensive network of experienced, credentialed healthcare professionals and support personnel work in varied models to suit your unique needs. From locum tenens, to travel health workers, and from permanent placement to telemedicine practitioners, they can be placed and ready to serve anytime, anywhere.

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And it doesn’t stop there

We also source, place and schedule the front- and back-office and field-office medical personnel for your engagements.

We leverage state-of-the-art technology to streamline operations and provide real-time reports and insights into program status.

And we manage the human resource and financial aspects – including pay and time off – to provide you with a fully comprehensive solution.

Jackson Healthcare Government Services handles all program management aspects for your engagement, delivering a seamless end-to-end experience.

As part of the Jackson Healthcare family of companies, we bring decades of experience to our work — and the mission, value and expertise we’ve mastered in the private sector to fulfill critical national, state and local needs in the public sector.

Contracting with us — and our world-class teaming partners — means we can rapidly and confidently fulfill your healthcare staffing and front- and back-office support needs to achieve optimal levels throughout your engagements.

Included in filling your staffing needs are some of these established and award-winning brands within the Jackson Healthcare family of companies.

Technology in Action

Our innovative, next-generation Vendor Management System (VMS) platform facilitates all aspects of our teaming partnerships and program management. This includes everything from directly sourcing and screening clinical healthcare professional candidates, non-clinical front- and back-office staff, and field workers offering vaccination services, for example — to credentialing, certifications and compliance, building work schedules, optimizing staffing levels, scheduling to account for staff availability and time off, payroll and labor compliance.

The initiatives we partner on and manage are unique and varied in complexity, size and duration. And from start to finish, we’re committed to working with you, holistically managing the full breadth of your engagement, and ensuring program success. We have the proven methodology, team and expertise to successfully support your mission with the utmost professionalism, dependability, quality and care.

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Present & Past Performance

Our present and past performance extends across our affiliates in a variety of environments and settings of all sizes and encompasses a wide array of specialties.


Our Primary NAICS Codes cover temporary and healthcare staffing and include, but are not limited to, the following: